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2 weeks ago

Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch : An Essential Choice with an Exclusive Look

Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens WatchThe Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch is a new, dynamic and stylish model with a sturdy design that ensures utmost reliability with a rough look. Its exquisite features like the spherical resin mineral glass and ion-plating add a striking note to the overall dressing. Add the zing you always wanted to your entire look!

Simple, casual watches for are tough to choose from for they do not come within a specific guideline. What might drive one gaga may get scoffed at by another and the worst part is, such watches are never meant to impress anyone but its wearer. Despite Casio solving the problem to an extent, the crisis continues. One small solution that Casio provides is the Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch, which makes sense for every casual wear you choose.

The Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch is designed for activity. There are no groundbreaking technology driving this watch, but all that it has is enough to carry it along to a vacation in the Swiss Alps as much as to the wild party planned at the pub next block. The Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch comes with an ability to withstand substantially vigorous activities and the associated risks, its build quality and materials separating it from good to Great!

The Casio Digital 5 Alarm Mens Watch has a crisp yet graceful design that sets it apart from the rest of the casual watches. It’s one of the very low=priced watches from Casio but that doesn’t make it lack refinement. It’s a top match for dapper threads in utilitarian styles and is lightweight, corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic.

The Casio Baby-G Digital MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch is both a dynamic and creative expression of watch-making, making a simple style come up at its best. There’s no fine jewellery-making skill applied to bring out the Enticer’s most-effective sides; it’s classy outdoor look and built shall survive umpteen numbers of off-road adventures.

The matte black, almost-round face makes the Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch quite attractive. It’s fitted with a spherical, resin glass that can handle a lot of pressure and magnify the dial underneath. The long lasting battery (for at least a few years) relieves you from the worry of frequent changes and the water resistance makes it suitable for swimming, surfing and other recreational water sports.

The three-hand display of the Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch brings a clear display of hours, minutes and seconds; more so, due to the green on black contrast. The fluorescent green shade allows an easy read of the time during daytime while it lights up in the dark.

The Casio Enticer Analog MW-600F-2AVDF MW-600F-2AV Mens Watch is a part of the fashion-forward Enticer collection, driven by a paper-thin, synthetic quartz piece. Helping you to stay on schedule every moment, this watch is a delight both to collect and wear.

3 weeks ago

Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch : The Monster, Refined

Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch : The Monster, Refined

The Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch qualifies as a perfect and useful, effective wristwatch with everything in a damn good, proper order for an economical sports automatic. The Japanese version is a more expensive one but sometimes, they just slip out. Quite rarely, though.

‘J’ for Japan! We all know that. So it’s obvious the Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch will be a great all-time wear and that’s not just in the water!

A large factor behind Seiko’s popularity is their watches don’t stick to mere specs! Oftentimes (and that’s more often than you might think), the performance and durability exceed specs by several notches. This diver is equally great for harsh outdoors, whether on land, in air or in the sea. Sure you don’t get any of the tools you need while traversing by miles or knots, but the watch itself is a tool!

The Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch is a wonderfully versatile home-grown Japanese product with looks, durability and a smooth functioning as a few of its most wonderful features. Its style is readily recognizable. It's also tough and dive-ready at an appealing price that you just might call throwaway. This is how the Black Monster should look today and it rekindles the old Monster-flame, covering the gap especially for them who find the original Monsters and the Prospex Monsters too large or heavy and are more inclined towards the peppy and the bright, vibrant colours and a zero-maintenance schedule.

This Seiko Sportura Solar Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch is a 2nd generation Monster, in a very shining and glossy, black stainless steel. A sunburst orange dial with luminous hands and hour markers almost white in broad daylight, it guarantees the lume’s stay. Seeing time even through the dark is essential. Its brightness makes the date and day display fairly visible.

The Seiko Tachymeter Chronograph Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch is highly water resistant. Official declaration is it can stay safe till 200 meters under water. Many have been found to work fine even deeper.

The Hardlex crystal glass lives up to its name; it’s indeed hard and therefore, scratch resistant. The 4R36 is a refined workhorse of a movement. The 4R36 automatic replaces the older 7S26 and is more immune to sudden shocks, as certified by ISO, adding up to a tremendous value! Supported on 24 jewels, it winds both by motion and hand-torque. You can also start and stop the seconds-hand at will for precise time calibration.

The Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch is 42mm by 11 mm in diameter and thickness respectively. The bezel functions effectively, which means it turns well and allows quick setting of the countdown timer. It turns only in one direction (counter-clockwise) and resists rotation due to impacts and preserve reading. Overall orange markings on a dark/steel grey background make it highly visible under dim or murky light conditions.

Great wearing comfort, offers a strong and very solid hold - The feel is like what’s delivered by more expensive watches.

2 months ago

Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch: Simplistic, Yet with a Big WOW Factor

Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s WatchYou may certainly call it trendy in design, but not in a manner that seeks to draw attention with a mindless incorporation of a lot of elements, collected from every watch that has so far hit the showcases. At worst, it is a thoughtful pick from every classic sports design, resulting in an youthful look and feel, but based on the traditional horology guidelines.

The Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch is a brilliant piece that definitely helps to express a sense of cultivated fashion. A perfect accessory that suits them whose passion for an elegance-wrapped style runs high. Its distinctive, postmodern design is the end result of the classic luxury elements meeting the rugged sports standards, bringing a casual versatility that makes the Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch quite a coup!

The Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch is a rare piece also due to its colour scheme. It’s not very often we come across a brown watch face; the Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch is one that features it over a cultivated stainless steel case. Matched with a brown leather band, it is a demonstration of the sophisticated spirit Guess is known for long. Overall, the timepiece integrates the classic elements from sports/luxury designs while incorporating modern touches to bring about a cutting-edge timepiece with specs that we may definitely call innovative.

It’s surprising to see that this watch has quite a few many things going on at the same time but they don’t show unless in their collective form. Doing too many things at once requires spectacular juggling skills and Guess – beyond any doubts – does that very well. The expert timepiece designers at Guess delicately shun the bling factors, making the Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch an accessory that delivers a solid value, apart from bringing in a spectacular good look.

Though the Guess Rose Gold Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch represents more of a sporty demeanour, you might as well call it a casual luxury watch. The sporty, casual and luxury elements merge into a mix you might think improbable for other watches in this category. But together, they make the Guess Spotlight Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch an intriguing timepiece; its fluid colour scheme miles away from looking forced down or contrived. The natural looks grant it access to a wide range of social settings; it’s as safe to wear this timepiece for work as it is on the weekends outdoors; even when you plan to hit some deep waters. There’s no doubt about the brand hitting the ball over the boundaries of the design park with the Guess Chronograph Brown Leather Quartz U0171G2 Men’s Watch.

2 months ago

Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Mens Watch: First of its Kind!

Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Mens WatchHow smooth can you go? The Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic H77696793 Mens Watch is the first watch in history to get installed with a drift-angle calculator! A rugged and innovative chronograph, it’s for real flyers, sea travellers and road munchers. The air-speed scale around the outer rim makes it furthermore useful and utilitarian for them, as it is always essential to ensure your voyage, flight or road travel is smooth and trouble-free.

As far as Swiss-made, mechanical, automatic chronographs go; the Hamilton Automatic Jazzmaster H77696793 Mens Watch has no equivalent! No, it’s not that there are no better mechanical chronographs; but when you want your stuff to strut without spending a great deal upon it, you simply can’t deny the Khaki X-Wind. You’ll neither feel any pity, nor remorse or even panic when your X-Wind scrapes, knocks, bangs or maybe just drops off from the top of the table; as long as it doesn’t fall of the cockpit or comes under the nose-wheel, it will be all right. The 10-micron gold plating is not as touchy as you might think; neither the 25 jewels Valjoux 7750 movement. The rest of the things (sapphire crystal, watch case, bezel, screw-down crowns, strap and buckle) are readily recognizable as tough stuff and the feel of the soundless yet powerful spin of the rotor inside adds an extra dash of confidence. It is unidirectional spinning; by the way and doesn’t ratchet backwards. At a comfortable 44mm (50mm with crowns, on either side) by 16mm, it holds a black carbon fibre dial with rose-gold Arabic numerals. Its layout is lavish yet gives a restrained, sombre feel; it’s the 9’o clock day/date window that that strikes you first. The internal chapter ring and the black outer bezel rotate both ways; for the chapter ring to turn, use the 4’o clock crown.

The texture of the dial matches that of the strap, bringing a continuous flow that sprouts into an H-tang buckle and serves as an especially nice touch. You may highly take it to water as long as you do not cross the 300 feet mark; in case you have to, then for short spans.

Now comes the most interesting part – Hamilton Jazzmaster American Classic Drift angle. It’s not something you will find of use in a usual urban life; the said drift-angle is to calculate and record the crosswinds while flying to work (or flying is your work). The only reason it might fit in an urban life is its cool yet complex looks apart from keeping precious time.

Note: The ‘drift angle’ is the angle between ‘heading’ (the direction along which an aircraft is moving) and its ‘actual track’ (the route it’s supposed to travel ideally). On rough terrains where roads are absent, the same can be used to maintain a mean travelling path.

4 months ago

Swatch Irony Diaphane Full-Blooded Chronograph Svck4032G Unisex Watch

Swatch Irony DiaphaneSWATCH designs for fashion; for the urban men and women who seek unique style within a limited budget but without stressing their budgets too hard. The SWATCH Irony Full-Blooded chronograph watch is a striking example of what SWATCH can do to make you stand out in the crowd and get conversations started almost immediately.

The name Diaphane comes from the word diaphanous, which means, so thin as to transmit light. The Irony Diaphane holds true to its name but do not be mistaken that the translucent plastic case is vulnerable to shocks and impacts. It has been built to keep parity with the stainless steel bracelet and the combination offers a unique touch to this modern outlook.

The dial of the watch features indices made from white glass, which gives the face a clean, minimalist look. The sub dials are also very much proportional, bringing it a relaxed look instead of making it appearing busy. The scratch resistant glass is a mineral crystal; not only does it resist scratches more efficiently but also withstands sudden blows and impacts with ease. That means, it is safe from everyday wear and tear. Inside, there’s a Swiss ETA quartz movement that’s not only precise, robust and accurate but also low in power consumption. End result is a watch that runs on a standard battery longer than others.

The Swatch Astilbe chronograph is going to please them who do not want a conventional looking piece to wear yet want to avoid a funky look. The neutral-coloured plastic takes care of that while the gold toned accents on the bezel and the bracelet brings an air of elegance to the whole package. It is designed to come at a cheap price and not a cheap look. Yet, you can use it as a disposable watch that can be used with formal and semi-casual dressing. In fact, the possibilities it run regarding pairing with the right apparel are seemingly endless in variety.

It’s surprising how lightweight a man-size watch with a fairly large case can be! This is going o suit the taste of those who do not want to wear a dinner plate or a hockey-puck on their wrists but still want practical features at a throwaway price. The chronograph (or, stopwatch) is spot-on accurate and extraordinarily responsive in its function and the readings are highly legible. Fun or business, it can be used for both the purposes.

To sum up, this moderately sized fun watch is a lot of shine for anyone looking for a functional piece of accessory that’s tough and accurate but sophisticated enough to fit into a busy city life and for which, one doesn’t have to compromise on the design. It’s more on the functional side than on the frivolous!

5 months ago

Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch

Guess Dazzling Sport ChronographUpgrading one’s style is not just about the clothes; unless you accessorize yourself properly, it will not be an appropriate upgrade. And when you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance, choosing the right piece gets harder. This is when the Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch comes to rescue! At a whopping 40mm across, it is neither too large, nor too small and its all stainless steel construction makes it strong and sturdy.

It means, you can wear the Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch anywhere you like. It carries plenty of oomph to fit into just any setting; from the corporate to ethnic to sporty. It is the kind that makes for an ideal accessory for any affair.

It is not very common to come across brown dials all that often, so that’s another point which makes the Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch score above its competitors. Covered with a mineral crystal, it brings a stylish look and maximum clarity to the display. Its design is sleek and subtle and instils an unmistakable and incomparable sense of luxury into the watch. There are things that are better or lesser, but never exactly the same.

The Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch is one of the few watches for ladies that come with functional elements. From every aspect it fits into the brand's higher-end family of watches while remaining affordable to all!

The Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch is certainly trendy in its design and incorporates a lot of classic elements, resulting in a very youthful look and feel. It is very different from the ‘extra’ mindset but one that holds on to the basics of useful, functional horology with its stopwatch, speed-calculating (tachymeter) and am/pm indicating functions. The gunmetal finish all over (the case and the bracelet) is a refreshing variation from naked, shiny stainless steel and its dark brown face gels seamlessly with the rich, dark tone.

The Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch is weighty to the touch. This, of course, owes partly to the crystals on the bezel but mostly, it is the stainless steel and the movement inside that make for the lion’s share. The weight is impressive; not binding.

For viewing in darkness, the Guess Watches Online Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watch uses SuperLumiNova lume on the hands and hour markers, which - if not astoundingly bright and l-o-o-o-n-g lasting – is decent enough to last a few hours. Aesthetically, it is a concept that works very nicely irrespective of it being pitch dark or twilight.

However, it can be anticipated that it is more about the style and looks than the chronograph or other technologies that make the Discount Guess Watches a hot choice for fashionable ladies.

5 months ago

Skagen Grenen Blue Dial Perforated Black Leather SKW6148 Mens Watch

Skagen Grenen Mens WatchIt’s hard to believe the amount of intricacy and hard labour that goes into the apparently simple-looking Skagen Grenen Blue Dial Perforated Black Leather SKW6148 Mens Watch. You need time to behold its true beauties and slowly realize that elegance and style don’t always need to be overpriced. Skagen Denmark, a subsidiary of Fossil watches – they stand as one of the biggest watch manufacturers globally - has understood this simple philosophy well.

Skagen watches are both reliable and aesthetically pleasing. For these reasons, Skagen can’t compromise on the quality of materials used. Here, they offer titanium, few times stronger and lighter than steel, at a price gar lower than many other stainless steel-bodied watches. The strength of titanium allows keeping its profile thin, which adds to its elegance.

The Skagen Grenen Blue Dial Perforated Black Leather SKW6148 Mens Watch sports a design that makes it unique and is a reason behind their popularity across generations, especially the 30-ish crowd. The world took time to fully understand Scandinavian design and Skagen represents that art in the watch industry. It makes the Grenen appear much more expensive than it really is. It’s just like adding an artistic note to any particular ensemble except strictly formals.

But let’s ask a simple question: Is the Skagen Grenen Blue Dial Perforated Black Leather SKW6148 Mens Watch of any good? The answer is a definitive yes and it’s not just cheap advertising.

Its 37 mm titanium case makes it a middle-sized watch that just enough colourful to add a peppy charm to your regular clothes. You don’t need to keep notice of your wrist; titanium built is both lightweight and strong. The touch of elegance is typically Milano (Italy) and water resistance is up to 30 m. The silhouette of the Skagen Grenen echoes the curves of the shorelines of beach by the same name. Its classic dial with its clean contours creates a relaxed and refined style that fits in anywhere with an upper-class urbanity.

People who bought the Skagen Grenen so far went for its classy and modern look and felt very positive overall. Now, it is not an extreme sportswear and even though the titanium will hold, the quartz movement might not. But what you get at this price could not be beat.

The Skagen Watches Online are ideal as an everyday watch unless you are bound to wear black suits to work. It, however; goes for semi-formal occasions. Specially recommended for the somewhat picky crowd that’s not much of a watch enthusiast. The beauty of the blue dial and grey titanium gels in with a lot of colour combinations and this is where you get a versatile choice that soon becomes your go-to watch.

6 months ago

Stuhrling Original Antilles Automatic Skeleton 773.01 Mens Watch

Stuhrling Original AscotWhen it comes to attractively designed, mechanical, dressy timepieces within a shoestring budget, nothing beats Stuhrling Original automatics. They are the choices of the discerning men to whom, watches are more than just functional accessories that show time. Ask anyone who is even this bit style-conscious and you will hear applauds they will make about the brand. With an authentically Swiss root that dates back to the late 19th century; however, that’s the least you can expect.

Now, Stuhrling also has another identity, which is the link between Max Stuhrling (the founder) and Louis Audemars (of Audemars Piguet). Max Stuhrling was the protégé of Louis Audemars, so now you have a fair idea about why Stuhrling watches are held at high regards, despite fitting the common man’s budget.

The stark difference you’ll notice here is that Stuhrling, despite the luxurious designs and an impeccable quality, doesn’t cost the average man's annual salary. Thus, when the surge came about in mechanical watch-making in the 1990's, Stuhrling’s popularity soared sky high as Max Stuhrling IV, the great grandson of the founder of the brand, got back into the old family business to re-establish its former legacy. The Stuhrling Original Antilles Automatic Skeleton 773.01 Mens Watch saw the daylights because of this resurgence and showed the world the economic side of watch-making excellence.

The other name by which it is known is the Regatta Antilles. This luxurious diver belongs to Stuhrling’s Aquadiver collection. Completely automatic, its construction in 316L surgical grade stainless steel leaves nothing to guesswork. So does its skeleton dial, through which you can catch the movement in action. Again, guesswork totals to zero!

That much said; let’s see what else the Stuhrling Original Aqua diver has on offer.

First of all, it’s a mechanical, calibre ST-90050, self-winding movement. Stuhrling uses ST as the prefix to all its movements, which are mostly the modified forms of Seagull and Shanghai movements. However, in the case of Antilles, it is a 20-jewel, Liaocheng standard movement, distributed by PTS Resources in Hong Kong.

Next comes the screw-down crown, which is an insurance against any humidity seeping in.

At the top, is a Krysterna crystal protecting the dial and surrounded by a coin-edged bezel offering a firm grip while turning and the triple-row link bracelet with a fold-over push-button clasp adds makes for a very safe wearing. That’s very much required, especially when you are more than 300 meters down under the water surface and amidst some very jagged, rocky projections.

Stuhrling has proved one thing for sure; luxury is not synonymous to fragility. The Regatta Antilles is ruggedly built both from inside and outside; let its finely crafted details fool you not. It’s exquisite and its ruggedness is a major contributing factor.

7 months ago

Stunning Hamilton Automatic Chronograph Jazzmaster Mens Watches

Hamilton Automatic Chronograph The thing with beautiful, substantial timepieces is it sometimes becomes hard to decide if just one of the two factors (looks or techs) is to be picked for. It throws quite a challenge. You might say aesthetics are simply subjective, but unless it’s there, you’ll not even wear the finest, costliest movement in the world. So you got to pick either or you just let go off whole of it. Hamilton leaves you no choice. You are simply spellbound.


One the tech side, it’s the ETA-derived H21 movement. It’s a Hamilton exclusive with Date, chronograph and a large power reserve of 60 hours. It is a bettered version of the Valjoux 7750 but operates like that of the base movement. For time and date, there’s the crown; for the chronograph, the top button is activates/deactivates and the lower button resets. The movement sits right at home inside the sleek, elegant and classic autochrono case.


The Jazzmaster’s timelessness is due to its simple and refined lines, unique in its style. The traditional and the retro-inclined shall both find the Jazzmaster auto chrono a must-have! It will fill in the spaces where neither of their other pieces goes! Hamilton’s reputation for quality speaks through the JAC and it well-deserves all the good things that are said about it.


As far as the built goes, Hamilton didn’t compromise on that taking refinement as the excuses. In this case, it’s very well built and is not going to trouble you for a very long time.


With this kind of a posh watch sapphire is a must! Hamilton shares the same thoughts as a lot among us, so the autochrono gets a sapphire crystal. It’s slightly domed - if you notice - and enhances the look of the watch face from almost every angle. The excellent workmanship comes alive, a few times magnified. It makes the alignments to be seen prominently and vouches against imperfections (manufacturing defects) that watch lovers often stay anxious about. The lack of unnecessary play in the crowns and buttons are also indicative of Hamilton’s outstanding quality. Being out and out Jazz-influenced in its presentation, this is the kind of aura that goes with an evening of mellowed-down be-bop and for businesses with strict dress codes. The watch easily fits into the formal scenes while blending in easily with not-so-formal nightouts in the town. It’s great for both purposes but you got to wear it with smart clothes, be it the jeans. Sandals and shorts are not the way to go about it.


The Hamilton Automatic Jazzmaster, the quintessential dress-chrono watch is strongly recommended to the upbeat, to the young and to the lovers of tradition. Its looks are enough to say how it will feel on your wrist. You’re gonna love it!

8 months ago

Hamilton Automatic Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch


Hamilton Automatic ChronographSophistication, usability, reliability - entirety of all the aspects mastered into one. Or you can say it’s a modern, confident and contemporary version of sleek, classic, timeless elegance!

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph creates a picture of improvisations in watch-making with latest innovations. Unless a true savant, you will think of this Hamilton as a watch that costs in five or more figures. It is refinement, polished and presented.

The Jazzmaster Auto Chrono has simple lines throughout its case and the dial design, creating the refined style which is its highlight. The traditional watch-lover must not let go of this stainless steel timepiece if he values viewing style through an abstinence of excesses.

A vision of Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph is going to make anyone an instant fan. Its exceptional, circular, 42mm stainless steel case is topped with a fixed stainless steel bezel. A textured crown sits on its side with two pushers on each side, longitudinally. In between is the bold, black dial and a synthetic sapphire crystal serve as its cover.

Apart from the qualities that help the Hamilton automatic chronograph score objectively, there are the intangible elements. Build components are easy to assess, intangible elements are more complicated and difficult to be rated objectively. Here, those elements defy any categorization (if you like to go the systematic way) to be put unto but leaves room for play. This becomes an important factor when you finally put a score on the watch.

The dial holds silver-toned index hour markers. The silver-toned hands are luminous but not the three chronograph sub-dials or hands. The sub-dials display 60-seconds and 30-minutes counts and the third one is a 24-hour display. There’s also a date display at 4 'o clock. A five-link stainless steel bracelet and a stainless steel deployment clasp ensure a firm, secure grip, even down under 300 feet of water.

However, to speak about the true horological excellence of the Hamilton Khaki Automatic the H21 movement simply captures imaginations. Built upon the Valjoux 7750, it is a much improved version of its predecessor. The 60 hour power reserve was possible with barrel and main spring modifications, a higher accuracy achieved by glittering up the spiral and the bridge has been personalized into an H-pattern.

It is such simple solutions to pesky problems that earned Hamilton universal praise and shamelessly, a few among us must admit, have developed, towards it, a perception of bias. But there are even greater biases that make you think if the person goes - on a regular basis – to the bed with Hamilton Intra-Matic Automatic Watches. Here, it’s a much milder case; but if you didn’t feel that way before, there’s not much chance it’ll change your mindset later.